Uni-Point Radial Saw

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The Northfield Uni-Point Radial Saw provides an amazingly fast and entirely new wood cutting principle called "ONE POINT CUTTING". This means that the saw blade always enters the stock at the same point in the table regardless of how it is set for a vertical, horizontal, or compound miter cross cut angle.

Cuts everything including TIME and COSTS

Specifications Model X36AF

**Now Available: Single Phase Arbor Motors
These motors are available for new machines an retrofitting applications.
Pricing: Add $310.00 to 5HP 3 phase Price.
5 HP 1 phase motors pull 22 full load Amps.

Motor Horsepower 5hp 7-1/2hp 10hp
Saw Diameter 16"
Saw Hole 1"
Dado* Largest Width on Standard Mandrel 1-9/16"
Dado* Largest Width on 1-3/8" Standard Mandrel 3"
Maximum Depth of Cut (16" Saw) 4-1/2"
Cross Cut Capacity-Guide Fence Regular Position 17-1/2"
Cross Cut Capacity-Guide Fence Rear Position 25"
Ripping Capacity-Between Saw and Regular Guide Fence 23-1/2"
Ripping Capacity-with Guide Fence Moved to Rear 31"

Maximum 45 degree Miter, Guide Fence

Regular Position 4" x 12-1/2"
Moved to Rear 4" x 14-1/2"

Maximum 70 degree Miter, Guide Fence

Regular Position 4" x 6"
Moved to Rear 4" x 8-1/2"
Maximum Compound 45 degree Miter 3" x 12-1/2"
Motor Raises to Center of Arbor to Table Top, Max 10"
Motor Lowers, Center of Arbor to Table Top, Min 3-5/8"
Size of Table 25" x 48"
Height of Table 32"

Angle Capacity

Saw Tilts to Left 45 degrees
Saw Pivot to Right 70 degrees
Saw Pivot to Left 45 degrees
Floor Space, Overall 48" x 60"
Roller Tables, Length from Saw Blade to Each End 10'
Roller Tables, Width Overall 17-1/2"
Approx. Net Weight 800 lbs
Approx. Shipping Weight 1000 lbs
Approx. Shipping Weight, (Export) 1200 lbs
Cubic Contents (Export) cu. ft. 104 lbs
* Special Dado Guard Must Be Used

Standard Equipment: Regular machine complete with guard and kick back preventer,
magnetic starter with 110 volt at pushbutton and automatic electric brake.


NEMA 12 Electrics with Disconnect, 24 Volt at Pushbutton, Rolling Tables, Graduated Gauges with Stops, Dado Extensions, Dado Guards, & Lube Systems. For extras not listed, please contact our factory.

1. One Point Cutting

"One Point Cutting" not only reduces angular cross cutting operations to an unusual degree of mechanical simplicity, but eliminates some adjustment motions entirely, cuts down the time factor on other adjustment motions, is more adaptable to short cut production methods, and in many other ways greatly increases total production per hour.

2. Blade Height Under Constant Control

It is never necessary to raise or lower the saw blade for any angle of cross cut. Once properly set it is always correctly positioned, even on compound miter cuts. Such adjustments eliminated entirely. Time saved!

3. Heavy Cast Iron Construction

Massive iron components, accurately machined, insure lasting alignment and close tolerance cutting. The vibration dampening effect of cast iron adds years to the lifetime of the machine, while providing the smoothness of operation and accuracy that you require for you most intricate work.

4. Gauges Always Remain Fixed

Because the saw blade enters the cut at the same point, it is never necessary to rearrange the material to be cut or change the stops or gauges when changing cross cut angles. "One point cutting" eliminates the necessity of adjusting work and gauges as usually required when saw blade cuts at different points according to degree of angle. More time saved!

5. Wearing Parts of Hardened Steel

All vital moving parts are protected by hardened steel. The telescoping ram is special heat treated hardened steel. The housing is provided with hardened steel bearing ways. The 32 roller bearings are hardened steel to assure easy finger touch motion and absolute permanent accuracy. Breakdowns or time out for replacing parts is eliminated because Uni-Point is built to last a lifetime.

6. Permanent Guide Fence

Again, "one point cutting" allows the saw blade to pass thru the guide fence at the same point always. Cutting thru the fence at different points according to angle soon mutilates the fence requiring constant replacements. Thus, with Uni-Point the fence lasts for years.

7. One Stop-and-Gauge Adjustment per Job

Not only can the stops remain fixed when angle of cut is changed, but can remain fixed however many changes are made provided the lenth of material remains the same. In other words, gauges need only be changed when the entire job is changed.

8. Work Always in Full View

With a telescoping ram, the entire upper assembly recedes at the completion of each cutting stroke, leaving table free and clear for measuring and other work. No long arm to work around.

9. All Locking Levers are Easily Accessible

All adjustments are made in front of the machine, above or below the table. No reaching over the table. Everything handy and simple to adjust.

10. Stops Automatically Lock Uni-Point at All Common Angles

Instantaneous locking action provided at all common positions, such as straight cross-cutting, 45 degree bevel, 45 degree miter right or left, 45 degree compound miter and ripping.