#8 Planer-Surfacer 31"

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A precision built machine manufactured from an exacting design utilizing ideas and components to provide the user with a machine to meet the most demanding and varied needs of today's production and vocational woodworking.

Available with the Northfield Helical Carbide Cutterhead


Normal Size

31" x 8" Straight Knife

30" x 8" Helical Knife

Actual Size

31" x 8-3/4" Straight Knife

30" x 8-5/8" Helical Knife

Cylinder 5" cutting circle, 4 knife, high carbon steel, micrometer-type knife raising screws
Knife Size 5/32" x 1-1/4" x 31" high speed steel
Drive Direct Motor or Vee-belt
Brake Conveniently located hand brake

CUTTERHEAD: 7-1/2, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled.

FEED: 1-1/2 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled.

Voltage 208 - 220/440, 550 volt 60 cycle, 3 phase standard


VEE-BELT: 3600 (or to customer's specifications)

Lower Feed Rolls 4" solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life bearings
Upper Feed Rolls

INFEED: 4" diameter, 2" milled ductile iron sections, 5/16" section yield, 3/4" roll yield, sealed-for-life ball bearings.

OUTFEED: 4" solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life ball bearings

Table Feed Roller Adjustment Single hand lever .001" to .075"
Feed Speed 20 to 100 lineal feet per minute (higher or lower available in same ratio)
Chipbreaker Ductile iron, 2" sections, concentric with head
Pressure Bar easily adjustable with micrometer type screws
Maximum Stock Width

31" Straight Knife

30" Helical Head

Shortest Butted Piece 4"
Shortest Single Piece 12"
Maximum Stock Thickness 8-3/4"
Minimum Stock Thickness 1/16"
Maximum Depth of Cut 3/8"
Controls Double magnetic switch, single pushbutton, reversing switch on feed mechanism
Floor Space 66" x 50"
Base Large box-type, three point mounted
Net Weight 3300 lbs.*
Domestic Shipping Weight 3500 lbs.*
Export Shipping Weight 3800 lbs.*
Cubic Export Crate Size 170 Cu. Ft.

* Add 200 lbs. if knife grinder is ordered with machine. Knife grinder must be ordered with Helical Cutterhead option. 10 HP minimum for Helical Head option. Machine requires approximately 1500 CFM airflow for dust collection.


  • Shavings hood for gravity exhaust system
  • Shavings hood for connection to blower system
  • Knife grinder and jointing attachment
  • Idler rollers for edge of table
  • Dial type knife and roll setting gauge
  • Limit switch for hand brake
  • NEMA 12 electrics with fused disconnect
  • Powerlift table
  • Hard chrome plated pressure bar
  • Digital readout
  • 3 HP feed motor
  • Neoprene covered outfeed roll
  • Higher or lower feed speeds
  • Modifications to customer's orders

    Four Knife Cutterhead with Integral Micrometer Type Knife Raising Screws

    The four knife cutterhead of high carbon steel is 31" long and ha a 5" cutting circle. The 5/32" x 1-1/4" x 31" knives are of high speed steel and can be quickly adjusted with the micrometer type knife raising screws machined integral with the cutterhead. The cutterhead can be quickly stopped with a convenient brake.

    1. Sectional Chipbreaker Mounted Concentrically with Head

    A sectional chipbreaker of 2" ductile iron sections is concentric with the cutterhead and yields to 3/8". It rises with the sectional infeed roll on heavy cuts and is fully adjustable.

    2. Quickly Adjustable pressure Bar

    A heavy pressure bar is located directly behind the cutterhead. It is quickly adjustable by means of spring loaded micrometer-type adjusting screws at either end of the bar. If necessary, the pressure bar can be easily removed. Hard chrome plating is available as an option.

    3. Sectional Upper Infeed Roll

    All four 4" feed rolls are power driven. The upper infeed roll is the sectional type with 2" milled ductile sections. Each section yields 5/16" and the entire roll yields 3/4". All the other feed rolls are solid steel and easily removable. The feed rolls are mounted with sealed-for-life ball bearings. To adjust the machine from rough to smooth stock, a single hand lever quickly adjusts the table power feed rollers from .001 to .075.

    4. Top View showing knife grinder with grinding wheel and stem in place. The grinding attachment can be left on the machine during operation with either a gravity type or collection system-type dust hood in place.

    6. Positive Cutterhead Grinding indexing plate insures that each knife is ground in proper position.

    7. The Northfield #8 Planer-Surfacer is shown here with a dust hood that can be attached to a central dust collection system. Model shown has the knife grinding attachment in place.

    5. As Standard Equipment each machine is equipped with a conveniently placed hand brake. As an optional feature, the machine can be ordered with a limit switch that shuts off power on both the cutter-head and feed motor when the hand brake is applied.